Galila Aly

     Connecting with people has always been heart opening to Galila. These moments of connection lightened her soul and made her know who she really is. Through the years, she studied Journalism, scriptwriting, taught at university, and has been working as a trainer in an Egyptian self development program “Be Yourself… Be Happy”.  When she looks back now, she realizes that nothing she did in her life was a coincidence; it was all about a pure desire of connection. 

     Galila has started her self discovery journey in 2014. A journey which she is grateful for each and every moment of. One of the precious discoveries which hit her in the midway was that this passion of connecting with people and helping them had a message for her. Yes...helping people to heal and to achieve a better version of themselves is something she really wants to do in her life.


     She followed her passion. Today, Galila is a certified NLP Master from INLPTA, Master ICI Coach, and Enneagram Certified Trainer. She believes that being clear on our mission of life, having balanced relations, and being fulfilled and excited about life in many cases needs support. Galila decided to be this kind of support and to grow in her life by helping others growing. 

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